The frame determines what other components you can use, and what range the AUW (all-up-weight) will be, thats the total weight on take off.
All weights given below refer to AUW incl. onboard FPV equipment.

As a general rule: The lower the AUW (the lighter your model), the less space does your model require to fly.
The higher the AUW (the heavier your model), the faster it will fly, and the more space, skill and care is required.

- frame size determines motors size
- larger motors = more power and more weight
- more powerful motors require heavier batteries
- more power and weight needs more space

-> if you only want to fly indoors, use a 6x15mm frame
-> to fly indoors and outdoors use a 7x16mm frame
-> to fly outdoors only, use 7x20 or larger frame

6x15mm frames

The average AUW for a 6x15 Whoop is around 25g.
Good size to fly indoors. Limited use outdoors.
It will not hurt people or animals.

examples for 6x15mm Whoops:

Inductrix, incl. FPV and Pro (brittle frames, need glue reinforcement)
Eachine E010 (stiff frame, a little heavier and a little more durable)

Eachine E010S (soft frame, durable but not very form stable)
NewBeeDrone Cockroach (durable and light, ducts tend to crack)

7x16mm frames

The average AUW for a 7x16 Whoop is around 30g.
Same size as 6x15mm frame, but a little more weight and power makes for better outside performance, but it is still as harmless as the original 6mm Whoop.

examples for 7x16 Whoops:

Eachine E011 (soft frame, not very form stable)
Boldclash B03 (very soft frame)
X-Racer X-01 (OK, but too stiff, cracks)
Beta65S (form stable, yet crash resistant. Most robust 7x16mm frame!)

7x20mm frames

The average AUW for a 7x20 Whoop is around 40g.
Its possible to fly it indoors, but the best space for a 7x20 Whoop is a large backyard or a small park.

The Tiny7, the Beta75, the Beta75S, the King Kong 7, they are all based on
this 7x16mm frame

8x20mm frames

The average AUW for a 8x20mm Whoop is around 45g.

Inductrix FPV Plus
Only frame on the market for 8.0x20mm motors.
Brittle plastic. It needs Welder Adhesive or Shoe Goo as reinforcement.
Blade likes it brittle.

8.5x20mm frames

Eachine M80
Let see what Mighty brings us..