- frame size determines motors size
- larger motors = more power and more weight
- more power and weight needs more space

-> if you only want to fly indoors, use a 6x15mm frame
-> to fly indoors and outdoors use a 7x16mm frame
-> to fly outdoors only, use 7x20 or larger frame

6x15mm frames

Inductrix, incl. FPV and Pro (not recommend, because brittle)
Eachine E010 (OK, but a little heavy)
NewBeeDrone Cockroach (durable and light)

7x16mm frames

Eachine E011 (OK, but usually arrives bent)
Boldclash B03 (OK, but very soft)
X-Racer X-01 (OK, but too stiff)
Beta65S (finally someone gets it spot on!)

7x20mm frames

Tiny7 - what a tank of a frame!
Not the fastest with the given motor/prop combo, but gentle and consistent, and solid like no other when it goes down.
Tiny7 stock props are not very efficient. No good alternative available.

8x20mm frames

Inductrix FPV Plus
Only frame on the market for 8.0x20mm motors.
Brittle plastic. It needs Welder Adhesive or Shoe Goo as reinforcement.
Blade likes it brittle.

8.5x20mm frames

Eachine M80
Let see what Mighty brings us..

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