6x15mm motors

10.000Kv* (original Inductrix motor)
11.000Kv CL-0615-11
14.000Kv CL-0615-14
17.000Kv CL-0615-17
19.000Kv CL-0615-19

6x17mm motors

25.000Kv CL-0617-25

7x16mm motors

12.000Kv* E011 motors
17.000Kv CL-0716-17

7x20mm motors

12.000Kv CL-0720-12
14.000Kv CL-0720-14
17.000Kv CL-0720-17  (!!!!!!!!)

8.0x20mm motors

13.800Kv* Inductrix FPV Plus
14.000Kv CL-0820-14

8.5x20mm motors

15.000Kv CL-0820-15
17.000Kv CL-0820-17
18.000Kv CL-0820-18

*performance ratings for motors not produced by are MMW are based on pi*thumb rule by flying them back-to-back to ours

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