flight controller

  • to fit on a Whoop frame, a flight controller needs the mounting pattern (26x26mm) of the original Inductrix board,
  • to run 6-8mm motors, it needs 4 MOSFETs capable of at least 2A continuous current, better 4 or 6A
  • for enough power input, it needs a 2mm plug. Smaller power plugs, like on the Blade Inductrix, are not sufficient and wear out quickly.
  • if you want a programmable FC, it needs a USB interface and should run BetaFlight
  • for an OSD (on-screen display), an integrated chip on the FC is the most powerful option
  • many FCs have an integrated receiver. Chose the right protocol (e.g. FrSky, DSM(X), FlySky) to match your transmitter