Tiny Whoop history

In early 2016, Mr. Jesse Perkins from Team Big Whoop had the genius idea to combine a Blade Inductrix with the legendary CL-0615-14 motors and a micro camera, and he called it the "Tiny Whoop".

Throughout the year 2016, thousands of people discovered the simple and harmless flying fun and have followed Jesse's lead to build micro FPV copters based on the Blade Inductrix frame.

By the end of 2016, the industry had gotten the loud message that Tiny Whooping has become a big thing, and countless shops and manufacturer started making similar models and compatible parts. Jesse Perkins attempts to reserve the name Tiny Whoop came too late, everyone was already using the term for everything small that flew.

In the sense of the original recipe, a Tiny Whoop is quad with similar shape and components to the Blade Inductrix, to make it easy to build and harmless for the environment it flies in.

Throughout the year 2017, we have seen a large range of compatible and interchangeable parts released, and you can now choose between various frame, motor and battery sizes, and with the right FC, you can get features like OSD or altitude hold, yet remain at a AUW (all-up-weight) of less than 30g.

To understand the fascination of the Tiny Whoop, it make sense to understand
the difference between brushed and brushless motors. Read on..


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    Carrboro_Chapelhill Fpv

    Interesting, I thought it was earlier as I had a brushless whoop like craft in 2015.
    Beta65 2s carbon fiber with loop style prop guards. It still flys to this day, in fact just updated the firmware today. Last update December 2015