the cost of flying FPV

next to the cost of the model, you need some groundstation equipment to fly FPV.You can start cheap, but when you have around $500-1000 to start, you can buy some decent gear that will serve you with good performance for a lot of different FPV models.

You will need a programmable charger ($20-200).
You will need a pair of video goggles or screen ($50-500), and potentially an external receiver ($20-700).
You need a hobby grade transmitter, like a Taranis or a Spektrum ($150+). Or at least a FlySky.

here is a complete shopping list to get airborne:
- model/kit ($100)
- spare parts ($100)
- batteries ($50)
- Hitec X4 charger ($50)
- Taranix Q X7 radio ($150)
- Fatshark Dominator 3 goggles ($350)
- Furious True-D 5.8GHz Fatshark module ($80)

Above list sums up to just shy of $900. You can get better components, and you can get cheaper components. This is a high-quality yet budget-conscious setup.
If you have a few dollars more, you could upgrade to a Taranis X9D, a Cinemizer OLED or a Clearview receiver/module.  

Once you have invested into good equipment and treat it well, the ongoing costs are quite low.


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    Just got kit#1 lite with goggles have know idea how to setup or use