Nano QX

A stock Blade Nano QX runs on 6x15mm coreless motors. 

The CL-0615 motors are the direct fit into the stock frame, and come with the right plugs.

The CL-0615-11 is more powerful than the motor and makes the nQX more stable and noticeable faster. Here is a demo of these motors on the nQX FPV.

The CL-0615-14 is for the seasoned pilot on the quest for adrenaline. 

You can run larger motors on the nQX flight controller. But if they are too powerful, there are three problems:
- the battery connector is not capable to deliver enough current
- the autoleveling in SAFE mode will be to aggressive, and the copter wobbles/oscillates
- the throttle curve is so aggressive that the lowest possible stick position lets the copter climb

The 0720-12 motor is the only stronger motor that works in a controllable way on the nQX FC. You should use stronger batteries and replace the battery connector.

If you know what you are doing (or like a challenge), you can run 0720-14, 0820-15, and 0820-17 direct drive motors on the nQX FC, they all have the right plugs and 8cm wires. Good luck!

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    Jeff Sheffield

    Hey, I am super inspired by David Wood's Syma Frankenquad.
    I plan on building something similar around the 180qx frame-size geared. Using the nQx FC and 0820-15's and or 0820-17's. My question is...
    is the nQx FPV FC different than the nQx stock FC? I.E. Does the nQx FPV FC support a higher amperage?

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    Benedikt Haak

    Good question! The nQX FC does not seem to have more powerful FETs, but the PIDs and the throttle curve seem to be reduced over the "original" nQX FC. We heard from customers that the nQX FC indeed works quite good with more powerful motors, such as the 0820-15.

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