Hubsan X4 107L

The classic!
The Hubsan X4 107L uses 0720 motors.
Motor connections needs to be soldered. Take a picture of the flight controller and all wires before you start!

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    Bill Baker

    I just solder the wires close to the motor.. Saves a lot of time tidying up after.

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    Martin Weyer

    Have tried toputa 107l FC board on a tiny hawk with 08 Mtrs start up throttle, all 'seems' well when I increase throttle
    Get a serious flip. How many things are there to check, and where do I start? Thanks in advance. The tiny hawk is poly carb. Might I have better luck with a 107c, 107c+, or 107dor a d+  Have tried others frames, and the stock 107l doesn't wanna cooperate  Is the Symantec X1 a direct drive board?  Opinions and criticism welcome

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