How to setup a Micro MWC

The Micro MWC flight controller from Hextronic IS a challenge..

  • no battery lead
  • no motor connectors
  • outdated default firmware
  • painful programming process
  • dead MOSFETs 

But its light, compact, and has an integrated DSM receiver.
Flies pretty good!

Are you up for the challenge?
You can get one at Hobbyking or from Oversky. In the second half of 2014, Hextronic released a large batch of FCs with bad FETs. Hobbyking keeps selling the stuffed ones since. Check (or ask in) this RCG thread for current situation.

Got one?
At first, make sure the board is working can be flashed and programmed.
You need:

Now lets put the magic smoke into it:

  • replace FETs (maybe optional)
  • solder motor connectors (or motor wires directly)
  • solder a battery lead
  • reinforce solder joints (skip, and regret you will!)

You need:


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  • Avatar
    massimo lombardi

    hi benedikt
    most of the links in this post are broken. can't face the challenge this way ;)

  • Avatar
    Benedikt Haak

    oh, what happened there? Thanks for letting me know - fixed.

  • Avatar
    Kevin Mckay

    OK I I have rx/tx/vcc/gnd on the MWC wired up to a generic ftdi so which corresponds to the silly pogo stick dtr or cts?

  • Avatar
    Julian Tobias Redwood

    I Just wanted to say I love these challenges - the idea of the challenge . ..very motivated to build

  • Avatar
    Justin S

    Hi Benedikt,

    I'm really interested in this guide and spent a few hours surfing the internet for parts to try and do this build. On reflection this will be my first ever custom drone build and I'm thinking I might have bitten off a bit more than I can chew. Would you have any links or guides to general knowledge on how control boards work etc so I can read up on first attempt to do a build with more understanding about the parts I need.

    Basically I want to build a custom FC unit using mostly nano qx parts, the biggest challenge so far is finding an FC unit that will do the job but is not to complicated to understand.

  • Avatar
    Brian ballard

    Hi can you do the setup video again please in more detail iv can't see what your doing plus can you advise on what motor goes on what corner and the correct place were the motor wires go iv been trying to do this for about a year now lol and it just flips on takeoff thank you kindly

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