The two most important specs of a micro prop:

  • propeller diameter
  • bore hole diameter

Pitch and general shape are of course interesting, but there is no standard for micro props. No manufacturer produces "generic" micro props for custom builds. All you can buy are propellers for RTF models, and trust the review of other pilots what a decent props is.

Next to the main dimensions, there are three more important properties:

  • length of the hub (long hub protects motors)
  • robustness of propeller
  • balance

Micro motors are delicate. A propeller with long enough hub makes all the difference for the motors in a crash. And if the propeller its self is resilient enough, you dont have to replace props after most crashes.
Propellers need to be accurately balanced to fly well!

Here are three good micro prop choices:

  • clear Hubsan propellers, 55mm, very tough (ebay)
    The Hubsan propellers have 1mm bore, and work great on all 0720 and 0820 motors with 1mm shaft. Most of them come well balanced.
  • RollingSpider props, 66mm, the heavy lifter (Parrot)
    The 66mm RollingSpider propellers produce more lift than 55mm props, and work well on 0720-12 and 0820-15 motors.
  • HM830 propellers, durable, for 0.8mm shaft (Banggood)

Larger propellers on slower motors can carry more and are more efficient.
Smaller propellers on faster motors fly faster.

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