180 QX

The 180QX makes a great backyard basher if you add some power!

If you use 1.25mm plug adapters, you can plug the 0820-15 Ominus motor into the stock Blade 180QX. Here is a link to the motors/plugs.

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    Jeff Sheffield

    180qx Canopy Alternative:

    The canopy on the 180QX is quite large, and taking it off makes the flight performance quite different. It has been described by Benedikt as a 'parachute'.

    So I have 2 questions related to this:
    How concerned should I be about damaging the FC flying canopyless?

    and has anyone found a suitable alternative? That is protective, stylish, and aerodynamic.

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    Benedikt Haak

    Crashing the FC upside down might bend/break the connectors. You can rubber-band a piece of foam on top of the FC. Protective and aerodynamic. There might be opinions about "stylish" ;)

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