flight controller

To build your own micro quad, you can either use a flight controller of one of the many RTF micros out there, or try to get your hand one of of the growing number of programmable FCs.

Here are the most interesting properties of a micro flight controller:

- size (does it fit your quad)
- ESC capacity (usually 2-6A)
- programmable or not
- if not programmable, you might only be able to use that FC in a similar quad. Significant changes is frames size, motors or propellers might impact the flight performance.

If you want to use an FC of a RTF model, you are in most limited to the stock transmitter, and the size of the quad you are building should be similar to the clone father, otherwise the flight characteristics might change significantly.
The FCs from Blade come with the refreshing ability to bind to a DSM radio.

If you want more freedom in your build choice, or tune the flight characteristics, look at Arduino based flight controllers:

- Micro MWC
- AlienWii
- Lulfro
- Brushed Beef
- multiFlite nano-B-FC

Most of these boards require soldering skills to set them up, and programming or at least general computer skills to tune them.

If you want GPS, sensors and all that, you can invest some good cash and effort and get a Lisa S or a Autoquad M4.

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    Hi Benedikt,
    I am thinking of building another micro using the Brushed Beef fc. Do you recommend soldering the motrors directly to the board or do you prefer using the micro-JST connectors? Besides not being able to swap the board easily, what are the pros and cons to soldering the motors on to the board, if any?

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    Benedikt Haak

    Hey Mel,
    plugs provide extra resistance, and they can fall out or break.
    Direct soldering make a better connection, electrically and physically. Saves some weight and space. But its not significant.
    I solder connectors on all my FCs (if they dont have any yet). It makes building and repairing a lot easier.

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    Cory burginger

    What fc is recommended for a micro setup too run airmode

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