mounting motors

In most frames, you can simply slide the motors into the mounts.
Route the wires neatly, that will reduce the change of damage. By twisting the wire pair, you can reduce its length.

To protect the wires on the motor bottom, use some feet!
3/8" thread protectors work well as feet for 8.5mm motors,
5/16" thread protectors fit 7mm motor,
1/4" thread protectors
fit 6mm motors.
Heatshrink works too.

Check for right polarity of motor connections.
Unless you are using Blade motors, follow this:

  • clockwise: red +, blue -
  • counter clockwise: white +, black -

Motor direction/positions depend on the flight controller.
If you are using a RTF FC, make notes and take pictures how to wire up and position the motors.
If you are using a MultiWii or CleanFlight controller, the front left needs a CW motor/prop by default. The MultiWii/CF GUI displays required prop rotation if you change the default (e.g. by reversing YAW_DIRECTION).

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    Hello. Which thread protector size, if any, do you recommend for using with the 7mm motors on the "Cross 07" frame?

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    Benedikt Haak

    After finding the 3/8" for 8.5mm, I ordered a range of sizes to find the right ones for 6 and 7mm. Will update once they arrive!

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    Adam Madron

    Hi Michael. The screw cover caps or thread protectors are mostly sold in standard sizes. To get the metric sizes just multiply 25.4 x the standard measurements (there are plenty of free converters for metric to standard online too) so the .375" caps are actually 9.525mm. For a 7mm motor a 5/16" cap should be the appropriate size because the 7mm is .27555......." If you can find a 5/16" cap that would be 7.9375mm and should fit just right. Happy flying.

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    Adam Madron

    So Those 5/16" screw cap covers may be a little too large on the inside diameter but the 1/4" should stretch enough to fit over the motor, the 5/16" that I purchased the other day at the hardware store works for the 8.5's pretty snugly too I might add. If all you can find is longer ones you can shorten them up too by cutting excess off.Check out our group on Vimeo devoted to MMW

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    Adam Madron

    I made the 1/4" fit my 7mm motors ;) they fit tight but better protection from popping a cap!

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    Thank you for following up on my question!

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