Dromida Ominus and Vista

The Dromida Ominus and Ominus FPV (aka the unstoppable menaces) use 0820 motors with 11T pinions.
Both models, especially the FPV version, are heavy for a 0820 geared quad. The cannot make use of the insane speed of the 0820-17 motors. The best motor for the Ominus and Ominus FPV are the 0820-15 motors.

You can get them here:
Make sure to turn the pinions around before installation!

Note that our CW motors spin clockwise, and our CCW motor spin counterclockwise.
Dromida is labeling they motors a bit different: If the motor package says CW, the motor spins counterclockwise and vs. versa. They are probably referring to the propeller direction..

The Dromida Vista ("dynamically durable") is the fat brother of the Ominus. Its pretty much the same quad, just heavier and the motor polarity is reversed. *facepalm*

If you want to use Ominus motors on the Vista, you have to reverse plug polarity, e.g. wedge a sharp blade in between crimps and plastic tabs on the plugs, remove the crimps and insert them in reverse.
If you simply change motor positions, the motors will run in reverse and they life time will be reduced.

general tuning and maintenance tips:

- to improve reliability, use sealed bearings, e.g. from Boca
- inspect frequently if props are spinning freely. If you notice additional resistance, fix the problem before flying again, or it might create motor damage
- if the pinions or gears are worn, replace them
- take out the bearings, put them on a pencil tip, test them by rolling over a finger
- go off the throttle early when/before crashing
- use dry lube (sold for bicycles) on the gears, e.g. Muc-Off
- stay away from sand, thats a gear killer!

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    Interesting. Curious why you dont mention the Alias ? Is this because it should just go without saying? Also if the quad is heavier wouldnt an even faster and more powerful motor be better?
    I love the dark edition on my alias but is there any way to get more power and speed? Can it be re propped with more or less pitch? Gear ratio changes? What is better for a micro quad direct drive or gear reduction. I need more speed and more power please. Could i use the alias control board to make my own quad? What is max current avail? Has anyone hacked alias controller? I no the batt cutoff mod by resistor change. Any others?

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    Benedikt Haak

    The Ominus was new at the time of starting this section, but an Alias article was due too. I just fixed that: http://wisdom.micro-motor-warehouse.com/hc/en-us/articles/205749023-Latrax-Alias

    I think you are right: the Alias is the established king of the category. At double the Ominus' price tag, it was a tough decision. Latrax reaction was to reduce the Alias price to $99. I recommend the Alias over the Ominus. Its a better flyer and more durable.

    There is not much you can change on the Alias, except motors and bearings. If you want more speed, you need to build something else. 0820-17 motors in direct drive are a lot faster. The Alias board is not good for that. Leave the Alias as it is, and buy or build something else in addition. You can never have enough quads ;)

    The heavier the quad, the more power you need, right. But at some point of resistance, you are just asking too much of that motor, and any additional power input will only result in additional heat. In the case of the Ominus and 0820-17 motors, this created a lot of reliability issues.

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    Chad P. VonReiner

    I read that the 0820-17 motors wouldn't work with the Ominus, but I was curious as to why this is... I watched a youtube video where it looks as though they used the dark motor set in their ominus, and I'm looking the idea of an "insanely fast" motor. Is there absolutely no way this would work? Thanks!

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