FPV Micro-H

  • The Carbon H-frame works good for FPV, because it has ample cargo space, and good prop clearance for the camera.
  • The SPMVA1100 is as simple as it gets. Use an extra battery or a y-cable to connect straight to the flight battery.
  • 0820-15 motors are a good compromise between power and efficiency.
  • Best propeller for carrying payload: Parrot RollingSpider.
  • Popular flight controllers for this build: AlienWiiMicroMWCHubsan FC.
  • Useful battery weight/capacity: 15-20g/500-750mah. Look here for battery suppliers.
  • 3/8" thread protectors work well as feet.
  • Some heat shrink or short rubber bands can help organising the wire.
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    Kevin Mckay

    Wow this thing is fantastic I am so impressed, it incredibly fun to fly FPV!

  • Avatar
    Adam Madron

    I agree Kevin. Have been practicing for about a week + now. Very cool.

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    Kevin Mckay

    what cam are you using?
    I have been using this: http://www.surveilzone.com/600tvl-120degree-wide-angle-super-mini-fpv-camera-with-mic-CC1563 good deal but the dynamic range is not so great. I will get slightly larger standoffs so I can use this http://www.readymaderc.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=11_62_12&products_id=4067 to compare performance.

    I also replaced the seal m2 hardware with aluminum.


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    Kevin Mckay

    This thing just rocks had so much fun just now thought I would review again, now I have my pids tuned. First of all this thing is very fast even with full fpv, and flies like a larger quad (I have a blackout 220 I use to race). I have been bombing small gaps and its a joy to fly! My only worry is I will lose it because I could never break it I have slammed it into everything in and outside my house and no issues at all! As soon as I get some time I will post the lulfro setup I am using and dump my clean flight pids.

    if you are on the fence about getting this thing don't be its a blast!

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    Daryl Rebollido

    135 Carbon H Frame, 820-15 motors Nano QX fpv FC (20 AWG JST powerleads), SPVA1100, Hubsan 107D props and Nanotech 750mah dual connectors (JST to FC, walkera to modded mico jst extension to VTX). This is crazy quick and flies like it's on rails. Just relegated my larger modded RC Logger to Slow low light FPV flying. Thanks Benedickt, if it weren't for you I would never have discovered how fun micro fpv is!

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