props are flying off!

if your props are not staying on the shaft properly, the hole (bore) in the prop is usually a little bit too wide to provide enough friction for the hub to stay on the shaft under pull.
That might have a few reasons:
- the props are not manufactured properly
- the hub are cracked/damaged through crashes
- the hubs are worn out put installing the props too often

If you can, throw that prop out and use a new one!
If you dont have any left (or the props you have all fly off), you can try one of the following methods:

- take a toothpick, stick it into medium CA (superglue) and then apply a thin coat onto the inside of the prop and onto the outside of the motor shaft. If you do that careful enough (NO glue running into the motor!) and let it set long enough, you will have a good sitting prop that is still removable.
If you mount the prop while the CA is wet, you will destroy the motor when removing the prop again.

- take a piece of flat dental floss, cut of just enough so that it sticks out of the prop hole when all the way inserted. Stick shaft into hole.

- you can also gently heat the prop (e.g. in warm water), and then apply a bit of pressure onto the hub with a pair of pliers, and it might bring the hub back in shape

- roughing up the shaft with a small file can help friction. Make sure not to damage the shaft too much or scratch the front bearing of the motor. Also, dont use rotary tools to grind on the frame. Motors dont like to be spun (that fast) externally!

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