Blade Inductrix

specs: 6x15mm motors, 150-205mAh batteries
except Inductrix FPV+ and Inductrix 200, see below

released in 2015, the Blade Inductrix didnt create too much attention until a few clever people stuck a camera onto their Inductrix and started publishing videos of the fun they had.

Have a look at the Tiny Whoop History to learn more!

The original Inductrix uses 6x15mm motors and 150mAh batteries.
The Inductrix FPV (released 2016) uses 6x15mm motors and 200mAh batteries.
The Inductrix FPV Pro (released 2017) uses 6x15mm motors and 200mAh batteries.
The Inductrix FPV + (released 2017) uses 8.0x20mm motors and 500mAh batteries
The Inductrix 200 weighs at least 5x as much as the other quads in this list, and uses a lot bigger motors and heavier batteries.

The single best upgrade for the first three models using 6mm motors, is to replace the power connector with a PH2 plug. You will have to use different batteries, so you better do this upgrade before you invest any $$ into batteries!

205mAh and 255mAh mylipo batteries work great on Inductrix FPV and FPV Pro.

To upgrade the motors on the original Inductrix, use 0615-14 motors.
On the Inductrix FPV (also when you added your own FPV), use 0615-17 motors.
If you are using the FPV Pro (or another programmable FC), you can use 0615-19 motors.