Eachine E010

released in 2016, also sold under the name "JJRC H36"
recommended parts: 6x15mm motors, 150-200mAh battery

Eachine E010, the first clone of the Inductrix, first of many!
To no surprise, many manufacturers were "inspired" by the success of the Inductrix, and since the original was full of flaws and Blade not interested in fixing those in later models, it is easy to find ways to improve on the base of the Inductrix.

The E010's most significant features are the frame and the price (less than $20).
The E010 frame is a lot more robust than the Inductrix frame, which usually does not survive a single hard crash.
Also a improvement: the E010 propellers are the same shape like the Inductrix props, but made out of a more resilient plastic and cost less.

To upgrade your E010, you can use CL-0615-19 motors, and with a foam adapter, you can install the typical stick-type 205mAh batteries.
If you then also swap the FC and add a camera, there is nothing left from the E010 but the frame and props, and it makes a great FPV quad that can take a beating: