pilot training

piloting a FPV copter is hard!
It will take a lot of practice. A lot of stick time.
And a lot of stick time requires a lot of bench time!

If you are serious about becoming a good pilot, you need a training plan!
Daily sessions, even if they are only 5-10 minutes per day, seem to be very effective to improve flying quickly. Better than 1 hour once each week.

To make the most of your stick time, practice with a purpose! Make up specific objectives for your flights, and when you can easily achieve your goals, make it harder.

Plan your flights ahead, what specific area of piloting you want to focus on today, and then practice that area actively during the complete flying session.

Crashing usually causes no damage to a micro, but it can take up a lot of your training time to find the copter! Its best to fly over paths or places where you can walk to in the even of a crash. Recording your flights with a video recorder (e.g. the Eachine Pro DVR) can help finding it.
A RFExplorer with a directional antenna is also a useful tool to find a lost quad, especially a small one.