Blade Nano QX 3D
recommended parts: 7x16mm motors, 255mAh battery

The Nano QX 3D is one of the very few micro quads that can fly inverted by reversing the motor direction.

You can improve the performance by installing CL-0716-17 motors. The wires of these motors are way too long though, so the easiest way for installation these motors is direct soldering. The solder pads are next to the motor mounts and easily accessible.

Getting the polarity right when installing the motors can be a bit of a brain twist..
At first, note that Blade has different wire colors on their motors that most other vendors, incl. Micro Motor Warehouse. So to replace one of the (black/white) stock motors, you would use a 0716-17 CW motors (red/blue wires) from Micro Motor Warehouse.
You could fly this model with 4 CW motors, like Blade intended it.

OR, you can get a matched set of 2x CW, 2x CCW motors, and reverse the polarity of both CCW motors.

Link to compatible motors for Nano QX 3D: