Blade Nano QX (FPV)

specs: 6x15mm motors, 150-205mAh batteries

released in 2013, the Blade Nano QX has set trends and wrote history!
Super light, yet great performance made the nQX to one of the first micro quads that we used to fly FPV.
Blade recognised the trend and release the Blade Nano QX FPV, which was a very similar model with a camera on the front. The motors were slightly more powerful, the flight controller programmed a bit different, and the battery a tad bigger.

If you want to improve the performance of your Nano QX, 
1. upgrade the motors to CL-0615-11 (non-FPV) or CL-0615-14 (FPV)
2. replace the power connector with a PH2-pigtail
3. use 205mAh batteries with PH2 plug

The Nano QX FPV board has slightly reduced PIDs and throttle curve, compared to the original nQX FC.
Because of that, the nQX FPV FC can operate with the 0615-14 motors without excessive oscillation.

It is not recommended to use motors with a Kv rating above 11.000 on the nQX FPV, or above 14.000 for the nQX FPV FC, otherwise you will see oscillations and the throttle will get very difficult to operate.