why is my quad spinning?

If you quad spins or yaws without your input, that might have a few different reasons:

- If you see a slow and steady yaw drift, yaw channel on your radio might not be centred. 
- Immediate and fast spinning whenever taking off usually means that motors are in the wrong positions. Read here how to understand and fix it!
- Random yaw spins, especially under very low or very high throttle. In many cases, this is caused by lack of power, e.g. weak batteries, motors or connectors, or a broken prop or frame. If it vibrates or makes a different sound, or smells funny, be suspicious! Check everything! You need spare parts and backup quads to analyse problems by swapping components.
Random yaw spins can also be caused by firmware issues or a bad tune. If your FC is programmable, check if there is a recommended firmware and settings for it. Dont be afraid to change Yaw P and Yaw RC rate significantly.