Beta65S Lite - user guide

bind Beta65S lite to T8SGv2+ transmitter

  • Plug a battery in the Beta65S Lite, wait for about 4 seconds, and the model will enter binding status. LEDs will flash slowly.
  • Power on the transmitter.
  • Select Main menu -> Model menu -> Model setup. The select the protocol "Bayang" and click Re-Init.
  • After successful binding, the LEDs on the model will be solid on.

stick commands:

use the right stick for the following gestures

  • calibrate accelerometer: Down - Down - Down
  • acro mode: Left - Left - Down
  • level mode: Right - Right - Down 

 change transmission frequency:

  • short-press button to change channel. Channel LEDs will skip to next one
  • long-press button for 4 seconds to change band. Band LEDs will skip to next one.